VIP HEALTH CENTRE was started with the concept of fabricating fitness equipment. From its very beginning, it held firmly to the belief that regardless of professional preference, what ultimately counts is a constructive attitude of man towards himself.

Training Strength Area

VIP HEALTH CENTRE training section is equipped with the latest machines from USA, which isolate targeted muscles for more specialized training. The location of the strength training machines is in such an area that all members / guest entering the gym feel the vigor and vitality of the place, and feel like working out.

Fitness - The Free-Weight Area

The free weights area is prudently located in a separate segment, which exudes a rough and tough ambience for serious bodybuilders. It has plate-loaded machines where plates, dumbbells and barbells are from USA. Multi weight dumbbells are available.

Training - Individual

Certified trainers are available to guide members through specialized programs. Personal trainers guide, motivate and make sure the member adheres to their program. The trainers are constantly updated on latest techniques through visiting VIP HEALTH CENTRE trainers.


A good form of cardio workout, the spinning studio is fitted with spinning bikes. Spin away those calories to the rhythmic intensity of the instructor who guides you through various programs to increase heart rate and condition muscles while burning calories.


The Cardio Vascular Section has state-of the art machines comprising of Treadmills, Recumbent Bikes, and Elliptical machines, Arc Trainers & Rowers from USA. The machines are sleek, stunning and very user friendly. The machines have TVs mounted in front of them to give the exerciser a view of local channels for entertainment.

VIP HEALTH CENTRE offering the fallow services

  1. Complete fitness
  2. Competitive bodybuilding
  3. Weight reducing
  4. Weight gaining
  5. Fitness for women


  1. Qualified physiotherapists visit the gym and offer professional advice to those requiring medical attention.
  2. Full segments are Air-conditioning
  3. Separate time for Ladies
  4. Highly Hygienic
  5. All the equipments are based on scientifically proven
  6. TV with Music system
  7. Dressing Room, Gust room and rest rooms available
  8. Vast car parking area
  9. Juice bar
  10. Very nominal fees
And 101 extra marks.

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